Jams & Jellies

Prep & Process

Image by Monika Grabkowska
Image by Jason Blackeye
Image by Jinomono Media

Jams and jellies are a delicious way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Though they are both sweet and sticky spreads, jams and jellies differ in some fundamental aspects. Both are made of fruit or vegetable sugar, water, pectin, and acid. However, jellies are made from fruit or vegetable juice while jams are made from crushed or ground fruits or vegetables. Regardless, the pectin in both jams and jellies provides prebiotic effects which in turn improves gut health.


When making jams and jellies at home, try substituting sugar for natural sweeteners or zero-calorie sweeteners. When buying jams and jellies at the store, try looking for options made with zero-calorie sweeteners or zero added sugars.