Mayor's Nutritious Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of Mission: Community Nutrition.  It is a series that is comprised of 10 episodes per season, 30 minutes each in length, illustrating the values of good nutrition.


Its purpose is multifold:  

  • Increase public understanding  of Food Preparation and Nutrition

  • Provide Improved Quality of Life, specifically reduction in childhood obesity

  • Raise Public Awareness of Traditional and Indigenous Food Movement in our Community

  • Continue to increase Interest in Community Health

Additionally, this is the first phase of three actions leading

towards the formulation of the culinary institute of traditional and indigenous foods in Federal Way, Washington. Our efforts are combined with many stakeholders such as Native American Tribes in the Puget Sound region to ethnic chefs operating restaurants in Federal Way to our partnership with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health on the value of nutrition and different cuisines.


The shows will present a variety of relevant topics in the effort to serve the community through shared knowledge and insight from experts. 


Examples of upcoming shows include: 

  • Food to Strengthen our Immunity System

  • Washington: Geography of Food

  • Food for Pleasure, Vitality & Health

  • A Mother's Nutritious Nightmare: Kids and Food

  • Food for the Holidays

  • Snacks for Sports Fan/Couch Potatoes

  • We Are What We Eat

  • Healing Foods: Native American Foods and Health

  • A Family Dinner in 20 Minutes: Myth or Fact

I hope that you will enjoy learning about the preparation and serving nutritious and inexpensive meals for ourselves, family and friends. Eat Drink and Be Healthy- Federal Way.


City of Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell