Pilot Episode 

Nutritionist's Perspective

First things first, there are a few easy rules to remember for various fruits/vegetables.


Go for produce that has a bold color, a strong odor and/or intense flavor.


For example, tomatoes have bold colors from carotene pigments and are high in Lycopene, a carotene antioxidant that fights heart disease and cancer. Garlic and Onions are a bold white color from Allicin pigments, strong in odor related to sulfur compounds and intense in flavor, making them powerful antioxidants, antifungals, antibacterial and antiviral foods. Eggplant and squash, both mild in odor and flavor, pair well in many dishes. 


The bold colors of anthocyanins pigments and polyphenols (natural plant compounds) in the Eggplant protect against cellular damage, heart disease, lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Squash, either a bold yellow or orange in color because of the carotene pigments, also protects our cells against oxidation (antioxidant) and reduces our risk of heart disease and cancer, much like the tomatoes.

Parmesan cheese has a strong odor and intense flavor from the long aging process, so very little is needed to make a pungent impact in your dish, but adds nutrients, calcium, protein, healthy fat, probiotics that benefit our gut health and is easy to digest. 


Every ingredient in these dishes bring many health benefits, delicious flavors, wonderful variety of textures and makes for easy cuisine that nourishes your lifestyle. Have fun with your health journey, change up your typical eating routines a bit, be creative, try new recipes in your kitchen, explore the beauty of simple food ingredients and dish up!